In his Mercy, Benevolence, and Wisdom Allah has given the Quran to humanity.  The Quran is truly the ultimate source of guidance. Internalizing Allah’s message through reflection, memorization, and action, optimizes the journey through this life, and paves the way to paradise in the Hereafter. We have been given the Quran so we can engage in an ongoing dialogue with Allah, correctly contextualize our sense experiences, be inspired to share the words of Allah with others, cure disease, and bring Allah’s guidance to bear in our daily lives by continually seeking Allah’s guidance and forgiveness.
 In the year 610 CE the Angel Jibreel recited the first five verses of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah’s peace and blessings be on him.  Over the course of the following 23 years, Allah revealed the remainder of the Quran to His Messenger by way of Jibreel.  Each time the words of Allah were revealed to him, he conveyed them to his companions.
The words of Allah were recited to the Messenger in a particular fashion. He conveyed the Quran to his companions in the same way, and he made some of them write it.  That is, he recited the words of Allah to them.  They wrote these words, and read them back to him.  He gave his approval, and then the companions internalized the words of Allah. The companions conveyed the Quran in the same manner to the next generation.  The Quran continued to be passed along this way (i.e., reciting and writing in the original language) through successive generations.  Allah has promised that this chain will continue until the end of time -- without the loss of one letter.
The Imam AlKisai Institute of America is a link in this chain.  It was founded in 2003.  We begin with 18 students under the supervision of Sheikh Adam Hilow, a scholar of the Quran, who is known among other scholars around the world.  In the course of a few weeks, the number of students doubled.  Shortly thereafter, our enrollment doubled again.  We continued to grow, and we now have over 270 students.  Our student body is made up of children and adults, men and women, and a variety of professionals. Our students have represented the United States in global Quran recitation competitions.  Our institute is continuing to expand, and we are now an internationally recognized institute.